Amateur Photo Shoot with FFO’s (FINALLY Finished Object)

Huzzah!  They’re finally done!

In a previous post, I showed off my piecing for my Patriotically Pink America the Beautiful quilt… I sent it off to my quilter, and she did a marvelous job quilting it with a very subtle stars and stripes.  I love it!

My teenager and I practiced styling it in a photo shoot…very amateur, but you have to start somewhere, right? At the beginning, I was the one suggesting how to set everything.  By the end, she was suggesting her own ideas.

Which America the Beautiful pic is your favorite?



The other UFO that is now an FFO is my coral and teal version of our Jamie Quilt pattern.  (See this post, here)  My quilter, Carla, suggested using a quilting pattern that was sort of Art Deco-ish, which worked beautifully.  I love how sophisticated this quilt looks!

As for the photos, I wish I had been taking pictures of the photographer, because it was fun to watch her lying on her back and aiming the camera upside down to get the photo taken in the orange tree.


(By the way, the featured image at the top of this post is one of the “practice” shots my budding photographer took)

Let’s Bee Social!


The Jaime Quilt

I’d like to introduce you to an old friend of mine.  This is the Jamie Quilt:  Several (ahem like 5 or 6) years ago I was looking for a really nice boy quilt for my son who at the time was 8 or 9.  He was too big for most of the baby boy quilts out there with cars and trucks and dinosaurs on them but not old enough for a more traditional quilt of an adult. I wanted something with angles and straight lines and not to frilly.  I sketched up this design and forwarded onto Stashmomma to see what we could do about it.

JamieOrginalSketch_jpg_300x300_q85After weeks of subdividing and sketching, figuring and sewing the Jamie Quilt was born.  We tested the quilt with lovely brown and blue cotton.  This was the result of those weeks of sketching, playing and sewing.  

My son loved (and still LOVES) it! After all those weeks of hard work, it was decided that we wanted to share the pattern with you.  So we did some more working and sketching and writing. StashLadies is proud to present the Jamie Row by Row Quilt.  This is constructed in a row by row fashion.  The pattern is full of color diagrams and color pictures to help as you construct each row.  

We played with several color schemes: 

Pink and Black

Grey and Yellow

Red and Yellow

We hope you love this pattern just as much as my son and I have.  The pattern is now available in our shop. 
We are also offering several quilt kits in different color ways.  
Click here for our shop! 




I received a gift certificate to Home Goods for my birthday this year, and was in browsing around the other day not knowing what I wanted.  I was drawn to their display of china in a beautiful shade of sea foam blue…oh, I loved it!  I didn’t end up buying anything (yet!) but kept thinking about it.  The next day, I was picking out fabrics in my local quilt store for a  class I will be teaching in June on our Jamie Quilt, and remembered how beautiful the color was.  

Those were the colors I gravitated to, and found several beautiful choices of sea foam teal fabrics to use.  It will be the focal color of the quilt, and I am pairing it with the Sweet Mango and Tangelo fabrics from Eleanor Burns’ Ellie Ann line.  I think it will turn out stunning!





And put all together:  (this is a mock up, so the actual design is screwed a bit to accommodate the size of blocks my design app works with)


If you live locally to me, I’d love to see you in class!