Calendar Makeover-3 Ways-JUNE

Happy June Friends!
(And at the same time, can you believe it is already June?!)

This month’s little Calendar is a traditional log cabin design.  It is totally classic.  The colors are soft and pretty. Let’s see what everyone dreamed up with it to make it fresh and new!


For me, the summer months are colored red, white, and blue.  These  patriotic colors should not be delegated to just one month of the year so for the next three months the colors of my wallhangings will be this trio.  While working on a new quilt pattern that uses these gorgeous fabrics from the Madison Collection by Anna Griffin, I decided to just resew this pattern  using these fabrics.  The log cabin design is one of my all-time favorite quilt patterns yet the only quilt I have made from this pattern took me almost 20 years to finish!! But I am so in love with the way this wall hanging turned out that I might just have to snag some of this fabric for another log cabin quilt!!


Quilted Harmonies

I’ve been having fun seeing how many ways I can flip blocks around to see what else can be done with them, and this month was no exception.  I only used two fabrics for the entire top, and I love how I was able to create these cute Beehives from them.  (Can you see where the log cabins are?)

File Jun 10, 11 54 07 AM

The fabrics come from a set of 1/2 yard cuts I bought from Art Gallery Fabrics at last October’s Houston Quilt Market.  I don’t buy yellow or gold very much, but I love how the pattern on the one I chose lends itself very well to look “Beehive-y.”  The cream print is small and subtle, and helps the Bee look like he is really flying.

File Jun 10, 11 54 51 AM

The best thing I learned from the class I took from Lisa Bongean at Road to California this past January was that hand embroidery looks awesome EVERYWHERE, and not to be afraid of it.  I originally thought to make my bee appliqued, but decided I wanted a “fuzzier” looking bee, so I dug into my new stash of Valdani threads for this little guy.

File Jun 10, 11 54 39 AM

I like how he turned out so much, I think I’ll add a few more bees to my top… maybe flying around the corners and outsides of the beehives.  What do you think?

Lovingly Lexi
immediately knew what I was going to create when I first saw the June Log Cabin block. When my children entered Middle School and High School we have taken advantage of vacationing between summer camps and now summer jobs.  The last several summers we were fortunate enough to head to the mountains and enjoy the “Big Sky” Country.  Last summer we stayed for a week with my husband’s family.  We shared a beautiful home at the top of a windy road.  (21 of us!)  It was a gorgeous mountain home with a big deck off the back to enjoy the smells of the pine trees and the view down slope.  And when I think of a perfect summer, I think of that smell & that feeling of being in the mountains.  

It was this feeling that I wanted to interject into my monthly scrapbook page. My “log cabin” block needed to be a real log cabin. I could envision it with a log cabin style roof. I re-created a log cabin block into my silhouette studio.  I then created a “paper doll chain” but with Little Cabins instead of dolls.  


Each of these Little Cabins are paper pieced.
Thank goodness for tiny tweezers! 😉

I used scraps of browns and creams and blues for my roof and cabins. 


I used bright purples and oranges for the flowers.  Have you ever seen wild flowers on the side of a mountain?  They are so bright and beautiful amongst the harsh elements.  Stunning!!

For the door I used a “double wide” block and popped a cute little window into it.  A bit of liquid pears make a teeny tiny door nob.

Happy Summer!  I hope you have a Little Log Cabin in your future!


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