Calendar Makeover 3 Ways – MAY

Happy May StashLadies’ Friends!

I happen to love spring.  I love the sporadic snow storms, the afternoon rain showers, tulips & daffodils peeking up through the dreary winter to brighten the day.  This months wall hanging is a very traditional May Basket pattern. While the colors are bright and fun…Let’s see how we can  up do this little darling!


My Maybasket miniature quilt is totally traditional because I wanted to use my pansy fabric scraps.  When on vacation in Australia about 12 years ago, I stumbled across a wonderful fabric shop in Gympie where I found gorgeous pansy fabric that I knew I had to have to make smocked dresses for my beautiful granddaughters.  The back story of this find is a fond memory in itself.  Stashpoppa and I were driving from Cairns to Brisbane, a very fun four day trip! Upon our arrival in Gympie, Stashpoppa chose to pass the first gas station and drive through town to make sure there wasn’t another one with cheaper gas.  Not finding one, we turned around to backtrack to the first station.  This time driving through the town I spied the SHOP!!!! Oh my!!!  Three hours later we loaded the car with my treasures and resumed our drive towards Brisbane.  Hauling my fabric find back home to Africa was unforgettable also as Stashpoppa dislodged a kidney stone which resulted in more than one emergency trip to the local hospital and then an emergency trip to Cape Town to have the stone surgically removed.  Needless to say, the dresses got made and my granddaughters have grown up. Making this miniature quilt was a throwback to those special memories!  I love how the baskets turned out and the quilting is awesome!!


Quilted Harmonies
Why did the elephant paint her toenails red?  

To hide in the strawberry patch, of course!

This month’s makeover started out as a joke- literally.

Lovingly Lexi jokingly challenged me to find some way to add an elephant to the traditionally pieced flower baskets.  I thought of a cute little elephant peeking around some strawberry leaves first thing (that joke is one of my favorites), and before the end of the day, I actually had 6 sketches completed… enough for another whole pattern!  I used my cute little elephant, Ellie, as the center piece of this quilt, and found the most perfect fabric I could ask for in my stash from Art Gallery Fabrics… One of my favorite tricks is to turn fabric to the back side, and I did this with all of the flower basket background fabric so the baskets would really pop against the grey.



P.S….. stay tuned for more Elephants!  A pattern will be coming!

Lovingly Lexi
When I was contemplating how to “switch up” this pattern, a thought struck me.  What if I kept the basket pattern and just downsized the repeats.  So that is what I did.  My baskets are paper pieced.

I recreated the pattern in my Silhouette Software.  This is what my screen looked like after I had everything laid out to cut. (I used the fill feature to make the triangles look “fabric like” but then I changed my color scheme.  The yellow and grey is cute too. I guess next time!)

One of the neatest features of the Silhouette software is the ability to place paper scraps on the cutting mat just for what you need.  I didn’t waste 7 sheets of 12″x12″ paper to get my 2 little embellishments.  I placed each scrap of card stock precisely where I needed the cut.
Here is what my mat looks like before I loaded it into the machine to cut it out for me.

And here is my finished page.  Remember I am making calendar pages for a yearly calendar that I make each year.  I left a big space for a nice 5″x7″ photo.  I left the butterfly un attached where the photo can just slip right underneath it.  One of my favorite embellishments as of late are pearl pens.  I made a delicate trail of butterfly path over the page.  (You have to have butterflies with flower baskets!)

Here is my title. That was one tiny basket to piece together.  Thank goodness for my tiny tweezers.
A little close up of the big basket and the butterfly. I added a little glitter pop with stickles and popped it off the page with some pop dots!

Stay Tuned Next Month for June!!


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