In-an-Afternoon Grocery Bag Tutorial

Grocery Bag Logo.jpg
I have these awesome fabric grocery bags that were “gifts” from an former employer (stamped with the company logo as big as you please).  They are bright and colorful and I got compliments every where I went with them.  After a good 8-ish years of use, and the fact that I no longer work for said company, I decided it was time to look around for new bags.  What I found just didn’t work as well as the ones I had.  So the other day, I was at the local chain fabric store and I saw this darling bag fabric.  It is stiff, yet light weight and the colors were adorable.  I just had pick up some yardage and make my own bags.
I present you:
In-An-Afternoon Grocery Bag

Supplies for 1 bag:

-1/2 yard Lightweight Bag Fabric (My fabric was 59” wide from selvedge to selvedge)
-Double Fold Bias Tape (I bought 0.875 wide and cut it in half lengthwise re-pressed and re-folded it.)

Cutting Instructions for a 12″x16″bag:

bag tutorial
Cut 2 each 13”x16” fabric
Cut 2 each 7”x29” fabric
Cut 2 each 2”x31 fabric
Cut 2 each 44” of bias tape
Sewing Instructions:
Step 1:Fold and press 1 of the handles pieces in half lengthwise. You will have a piece that measures 1”x31”. Sew 1/4” down all four sides. Repeat with the second handle piece.
Step 2:Take your 2 pieces of 7”x29”. Measure 13” from the end of both pieces and mark with a marking pen. Line up the end of one piece to the 13” mark and you should have a 16” over lap on each piece. Sew 1/4” around this 16”x7” section.
This is doubling up the bottom giving your bag more stability.
**If you prefer to skip this step you can cut your fabric 7”x42 and
skip ahead to step 4.



Step 3: Mark an X from corner to corner of your sewn bottom. Sew on the X to secure the bottom together.

Step 4: Line up one side piece, 13”x16” to the sewn bottom. (The 16”sides will line up). You can find the center of each piece and pin and sew it if you wish. Putting the material wrong sides together: Sew from the edge of the side piece along the 16” line to the end of the side piece. Repeat with other side piece.

piping markedGrocery Bag Tutorial
Step 5: Take the long section not attached and fold it down (see Figure A.) to create a triangle off the bottom/. Next fold the length back up matching up the sides. (see Figure B) Pin and sew down the left side. Repeat on the right side. Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the bag.


This is what my bag looks like when I am sewing the 2nd side on.
This fabric is pretty stiff!


Step 6: Sew the piping onto the bag. I sewed the piping onto the front and back of the bag. I started at the top of the bag, sewed until 1/4” off the bottom. Mitered the corner , turned the corner, sewed across the bottom, stopping at 1/4” off the side, mitered the corner, turned the corner and sewing back up to the top.Step 7: Trim the piping to match the top of the bag.

Step 8: Turn down the top of the bag 1” and sew 1/2” down to finish the top.

Step 9: Pin handles 3” in from each side. Sew a 1/4” seam around where the handle overlaps the top hem of the back and to secure the handle, sew an X across the box the seam formed.



Viola!! Enjoy your adorable shopping bag!

Extra Bonus: Click here —-> for a FREE PDF of this pattern, including the cutting dimensions needed for a 14″x12″ bag.

IMG_3552 (1)


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