Holiday Preparation Hiccup

In the 19 some odd years that I have been an adult I have adopted traditions and created new traditions that I try to incorporate in our Family Celebrations every year. This year has been a challenge.  You see, our family is awaiting the completion of our new home here in Colorado. The five of us, 3 of whom are teenagers, and our 2 boxer babies are stuffed like sardines in a small apartment home.  My daughter shares her bedroom with my office/creative space, the boys are housing the large TV Cabinet from our Master Bedroom.  The “master bedroom” is housing the counter height buffet table from the dining room.  Most of our belongings are strategically stacked and labelled in a 10×30 storage unit. Our builder told us the house could be ready anytime between Halloween and the End of the Year.  So you can imagine that decorating for Christmas this years has had a bit of lack luster appeal.  

Usually by the time December 1st hits I am full steam ahead on my Christmas prep.  The house is festively adorned. My Handmade Christmas Cards are already stamped and ready to hit the post office.  


(Handmade Christmas Cards from 2013)

This year, I have a small thought of Happy New Year Cards, but I am not sure they will ever hit the post office.  (Please forgive me dear friends!)

It finally dawned on me one day that I needed to get out of my funk. I got a small tree and dug out a small box of our ornaments and lights and decorated it up.  I was also able to grab a box of garland and string it over several of the doorways in the ‘rent.  Going to bed and then waking up to Christmas in our house sure made a difference.  I could feel myself coming out of the funk. I mean who doesn’t LOVE doing a little handwork next to the glow of the Christmas tree. (Don’t worry I have my Stella Light next to the couch so I can see what I am doing.)

One of the traditions I started we call Cookie Tuesday. This spawned on my desire to continue one of my Husbands’ family traditions.  They open their gifts on Christmas Eve and his mom would put together goody trays.  The goody trays are filled with sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and other sweets and homemade candies.  It can be quite overwhelming to bake all of those goodies the week of Christmas, so I started Cookie Tuesday.  Each week starting the first week of December I make a different type of cookie.  Part of the batch goes on the cookie plate and the rest go into the freezer for Christmas Eve.  

(These ^ Badboys are Bomb dot com!! Thanks IowaGirlEats)

Another Tradition that I have continued from my own family is new PJ’s at Christmas Time. I totally dig the Matchy Matchy PJ’s and got away with it for many many years.  But now that I have 3 Teenagers, 2 of which are boys, it really isn’t worth the fight that they don’t like the PJ’s to be match matchy.  So I have resorted to going with a Color Family.  This year the color is Blue.  I found the kiddos jammies at a store, but couldn’t find anything that I liked for the Hubs and I.  This is where the “Christmas Projects” begin this year.  I found some super cute fleece, and using the myriads of DIY patterns I found on Pinterest I whipped out 2 pairs of these bad boys: 


(these are the hubs.  He is 6’4″ and nothing is ever long enough until now. HaaHaa!!! Oh and Don’t mind the dog shaming in my picture.  I wish I had taken a picture of Jack laying on them as his bed before I shooed him off)


So this year my lesson in Christmas has been “JUST BREATH and EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!” It is okay that I didn’t hand make cards.  It is okay that all of my gifts aren’t homemade wonders. The importance is in the time I have with my family.  I only have a few years before my kiddos are out on their own. There are still gifts to be created.  I am grateful that we have several “late” celebrations to ease my procrastination.  


from Lovingly Lexi and the StashLadies crew.
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