My Favorite Things: Tool Junkie

I am a self-professed tool junkie. I love any tool that will make my life easier.  The problem is that I usually have to learn how to use the tool before it makes my life easier!  But in the case of the following 5 tools I didn’t even have to look at the label or instructions before I could use them.  How easy is that?



#1 Thread Holder by Superior


Tool #1 is the thread holder by Superior.  How many times have I needed a larger thread holder for those larger cones (up to 3.5″ in diameter) lining my wall?  Threading is a snap and it works with all brands of machines and even smaller spools of any size.  Standing at 15″ tall, this baby can be used vertically or horizontally.   I liked my first one so much that I added a second one so now each of my machines has their very own-no more sharing!!

#2 Quilter’s Retractable Tape Measure by Fon’s&Porter


Tool #2 is the retractable tape measure by Fons&PorterTape measures are a must tool to have in your sewing arsenal.  This tape measure actually saves me time because it retracts on its own and I’m not spending valuable sewing time rolling up a tape measure!

#3 Brass Seam Ripper by Nifty Notions


Tool #3 is the most used of all my tools.  I love this particular seam ripper, not only because it looks so pretty, but it is so sharp and performs its function so well that if I’m not careful, I unpick too much.  This week, particularly, I have been best buds with this nifty notion!! 🙂

#4 Mary Ellen’s Best Press


Tool #4 is the best!!  Ever tried to iron out those wrinkles and no matter how much water you sprinkle on the fabric they just won’t erase?  Well, Mary Ellen’s Best Press to the rescue!  Just a spritz and those wrinkles are seen no more!  And it smells good too!  In this bundle you get a 3 oz. random sample of one of the fragrances. 

#5 Snip-Eze  4 3/4″ Embroidery Snips by Havel’s


Tool #5 is in no way the least important of my tool arsenal.  If you do machine applique or embroidery then this tool is almost mandatory.  When trimming fabric for an applique shape you need a tool with a sharp blade that can trim very close to the stitching without clipping the stitching or cutting through the bottom fabric.  This tool is the best!  But that’s not all!  “Snip-Eze”  can also be used for precise snipping of threads as it fits nicely under the pressure foot.  Because of the gentle squeeze action required, those with tired or arthritic hands will find that these snips reduce hand fatigue.

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