My Favorite Things: My Perfect Tool Kit

I got my first set of “sewing” scissors what I was probably 10.  My mom signed my sister and I up for a sewing class at our local fabric store.  I grew up in a small town in North Dakota and I think we had to drive to the “city” to take this class.  At any rate, I still have that first pair of scissors my mom got me.  As my sewing and crafting and quilting evolved I realized, that while a great pair of scissors is great, there are other vital tools of the trade.  I would like to present to you

My Perfect Beginning Tool Kit


#1. A Cutting Mat.  A very important aspect in quilting.  This is the base that allows you to make all of those teeny tiny squares.  

#2. A Nice long ruler.  I find it much easier to make the cut in one pass and having a long ruler is important.  

#3. A sewing gauge.  This tool is awesome.  I keep one by my ironing board at all times.   This thing is great for everything from hemming curtains to measuring seams.  

#4. A great box of pins!  There are some mixed feelings in my family about “to pin or not to pin” but whether or not you are a casual pinner every once in a while having a pin handy is a good thing.  

#5. Rotary Cutting Tool.  This is my favorite tool of all.  I love how quickly you can get such a precise cut with one little “zip” and when you are done, you pop the little button and the blade automatically retracts.  This is a must have tool!  

And there you have it folks!  My favorite tools! My must have list for any quilter whether beginner or just needing a tool refresh!

Click here to get yours today!



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