Patriotism and Cherries

July means fresh cherries, sweet and tart.  In my yard we have tart cherries so today was harvest day.  The process is pretty simple, pick the fruit, pit the fruit, then preserve the fruit!


Cherry Tree




cherry pitting

Cherry Pie – Yum! (Homemade crust also!)

What does this have to do with patriotism and StashLadies? 
Not a thing EXCEPT:
*Cherry tree and George Washington-he might not have cut down that cherry tree but his devotion to truth and love of country made him a great Patriot who fought for the freedom of this country with great courage and valor!  Because of the actions of him and other brave people with the same love of freedom, we live in the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world!  ! am proud to be an AMERICAN!
*Red, white, and blue-my favorite colors for the month of July! I love quilts and home decor made in these colors to celebrate the greatness our country!

*StashLadies – we strive to use what we have to create beautiful things.


My patriotic quilt made entirely from scraps in my stash!  Love it!

How do you celebrate in July?



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