Patriotic Parade from StashLadies

Happy Almost 4th of July!  We have had the most wonderful summer so far in “Colorful Colorado.” (where I live) Just about the time it gets too hot the thunder clouds start forming and rolling to the east with a nice wash of rain.  All the lawns in our neighborhood (and green spaces) are just beautiful and with the back drop of the Rocky Mountains; I couldn’t be a happier more productive girl!  
I was supposed to have my blog posted a few days ago, but as I was driving to work on Monday morning I had a flash of inspiration.  I love decorating my home for the seasons and I realized that I don’t have very many patriotic decorations. So, once a flash of inspiration driving to work is now brought to life in this little paper pieced number.   


I am VERY new to paper piecing (and as a scrapbooker this might be a dangerous thing to learn!!)  But here is my pattern.  Also, as I was designing this piece I knew that I wanted the stars to “pop” off the quilt a bit, so I decided I was going to applique that on after the block was pieced.  I have intentionally left it so the edges would fray up after washing, giving it a 3-D look.  (check out our free section to get all three of the patterns to make this project)To paper piece this project I started at one of the “white” sections.  I just added fabric all the way around.  Because I wanted that “3-D” look when I completed the pattern, the last strip that I sewed on was sewn down and the edge of that last strip will fray when washed.  I think it adds a little extra contrast to the piece. If you want to “hem” that last strip, feel free. 😉  

To make my little project I used this gorgeous fat quarters set from Benartex fabric.  It is from the Vintage Scrapbook line.  Here is my first paper pieced block:


A couple of thoughts I had when this was finished: 
1. This would be such a cute banner/bunting design.  I can see it raw edge sewn onto a piece of burlap or canvas. Make 5 or 6 blocks, attach the blocks to a piece of ribbon and hang it from your front porch, on your mantel, or off the stair case for a darling Patriotic Decoration.  

2. Make 5 or 6 blocks and sew them end to end for a great table runner.

3. This would be a charming quilt design backed with a soft flannel for a nice warm quilt to wrap up in while you are stretching your neck to watch fireworks.

I had already decided that I wanted to make 4 quilt blocks so I could make a little table topper (we also have a large microfiber ottoman and I love having a topper there to break up the brown in my couch.) At first I laid out my 4 blocks in this design:

But I guess I had some superhero on my brain because my finished block turned out like this:
I love the diamond shape it formed in the middle.  (and I can’t wait to wash it to see the stars REALLY pop!) I added a little red border to break up the imperfectness of the strips not really matching up.  And I love the way the red fabric frames it.  I purposefully did not use any blue except on the stars so that they would really pop off the piece.  (there is a bit of blue in the striped binding fabric I used that ties it all together.

Here is a close up of me machine quilting (I sew on a very basic Bernina and I love it! Nothing to complicated or fancy and my machine has never done me wrong)
IMG_2432_JPG_300x300_q85One more close up!
IMG_2438_JPG_300x300_q85 And one last picture of it on my dining room table with my candle holder.

What are some of your favorite Patriotic quilt projects?



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