A Fantabulous Week!

What a week I have had!  Despite the cold, rainy weather and temperatures near freezing, the garden has responded beautifully to the cooler weather.


The strawberries continue to ripen and taste soooo sweet!  We have picked almost 3 gallons and still have about a week left!  Nothing tastes better than a freshly picked strawberry!!
The lettuce and spinach are to die for as they taste so fresh and crisp.  This is our 2nd crop this year!
In the back to the left are the peas.  They are loaded and I am looking forward to podding them on the porch!

But what I am most excited about is that ALL of my electronic technology has worked!  So I spent the week going through my stash and practicing my skills!
My Quilt Motion quilted beautifully as I practiced using the virtual long arm.  Once again I am in love with the machine and technology of the program.  A big thanks to Chris from The Grace Company for coming to my rescue and solving my problems! On to more virtual long arm quilting!


I got a new pattern called “In the Hoop Zippered Pouches” so I had to try them out!  They were so easy to sew and turned out so cute!  Now to make a dozen more!
In preparation for making baby bibs from scraps I took time to embroider some fun baby motifs.  I must be talking nicely to my embroidery machine because it embroidered everything perfectly!  Now I have no excuse for not making the bibs!
Yep,  it’s been a good week!

How has your week been and what fun things have you done?


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