I haz a ruf day…


I wadded up a project I was working on this week and threw it in the corner of my studio.  Three times.  It seemed that I was unpicking one seam for every two I sewed.  I am sure that you have never done that. Ever.

I know a woman who was so mad at her project she took a pair of scissors to it…

And another one that went out to her husband’s garage and took a HAMMER and NAILS to it.  (I don’t think even in my most desperate of times, I would even THINK to do that!)

I even googled it online:  what a frustrated quilter does

one woman wanted to throw it away
one woman suggested using a mallet

That’s it.  So, apparently those of us who wish bodily harm to our beloved projects are few and far between.

What evil thoughts have you had about your quilts?

(BTW… big shout out to Kathy Mathews from Quilting! Sewing! Creating! who not only quilts, but creates the funniest quilting memes on the internet. Thanks for keeping us “in stitches!” Pun absolutely intended.) 



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