I have a thing for simple sewing projects.
*Maxi skirts with one seam: Count me in!!
*A pillowcase consisting of 2 seams: Hallelujah!
*Curtains made with iron on hem tape: Pick Me! Pick Me!  

You get the picture.  I also have a thing for beautiful fabrics.  I have a difficult time with cutting them up into tiny little pieces.  My brain tells me that it will be beautiful, but my heart breaks cutting into that beautiful creation.  Are you with me on this?  I mean, someone worked hours and hours combining the colors and shapes and beautiful patterns.  Anyway, I found a great compromise with this fun quilt that my daughter asked for when she turned 11.


She picked out this super cute fabric by Michael Miller fabric.  It came as a set of 12 fat quarters.  So StashMomma helped me to come up with this super simple, super cute pattern.  Here is the thing though: there were not enough fat quarters in the set to make the quilt as big as I wanted it. (My daughter got my husbands tall gene.)  So what does a girl-who-wanted-a-simple-quilt do? You make your own block of course. (or 2)
I purchased lace “by the pound” at a fabric store in AZ (sadly we moved away from AZ and I miss that place) I bought enough black ribbons and lace that I could string across each block creating a stripey “extra” block.  

MMquilt3I love this piece of ribbon with the little pink roses.  By making two blocks with the ribbon and lace I(StashMomma) was able to supplement the fat quarter set and create a twin sized quilt.  

So Simple and yet so darling and the beautiful fabric designs get to sing all on their own.  

Have you ever had to “supplement” a quilt with an unusual idea?  We’d love to hear what you did!!



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