Stashes and Bat Buildup

Anyone ever have a pile of bat strips?  My pile looks something like this:

batting strips

Since I hate to throw anything away that has to do with quilting or sewing, I collect piles and stashes of fabric, batting, patterns, you name it I collect it. 
BUT sometimes it just gets to be way too much and I must make a decision to either use it or lose it by way of the round file or a charity donation.
Because batting is expensive I really hate to part with any little piece of it.  I could piece the parts together using the tape that is out there (I have done that but I won’t tell you which quilts were the quinea pigs!) but I much prefer to cut various size batting strips to use with strips of fabric sewn together in what I call my “Bat Buster” quilt.
It really is very easy to do, just sew strips of fabric together sandwiching a strip of batting between the layers. The quilt can be as small or large as you want to make it.  And the cool thing is that the back is made at the same time so all that is left to do when you’ve sewn as many strips together as you want is to bind it. AND if you finish the binding with a zigzag or decorative stitch the quilt is reversible!
Here are a some Bat Buster quilts that I have made. 

Hu and strip blanket

Strip blanket and tulips

Pink blanket & daffodils

Head over to our website, to get your free “Bat Buster” quilt pattern and have some fun busting your stash!!


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