The 12″ Pillows

Happy Friday!  My honey left for a fishing trip last night and I am gearing up to host a couple of girlfriends for a weekend of scrapbooking.  I constantly have like 12 or 13 projects going at the same time.  I love scheduling in weekends devoted to one thing.  I feel so accomplished when I finished up even 1 or 2 of those UFO (Un Finished Objects).  As I was tiding up my house, (you know, hiding piles behind closet doors & dusting the most obvious surface offenders) I was refolding the quilt that lives in my “formal” living room/music room.
I call this quilt my music quilt:



The back story on this quilt: My parents met up with my family in Grand Junction CO one fall weekend.  While the boys were at Cabella’s doing “man things”, Mom and I made our own little fabric store shop hop.  The “WAY BACK” story on one of the store: it was in business 37+ years ago when my parents lived in a little mountain town called Paonia CO (right around the same time I was born). So as we were hopping (down memory lane also) we ran across this darling quilt kit.  I fell in love.  My mom said that she would like to make it for me as my Christmas gift.  Sign me up!! Fast forward to Christmas, and guess what I got to unwrap? Yep, my music quilt.And here is the back of it (I seriously love the pieced back trend!)  


We don’t often use the formal living room, but I do like to go in there and snuggle under a blanket with a good book, and sometimes when I am playing the piano the kids will come in and snuggle up and listen.  😉

Several weeks after Christmas my mom called me asking if I would like a couple of throw pillows because she had some scraps of the quilt fabric left.  Who am I to say no?!  I told her I already had a couple of throw pillows that I could repurpose with new covers.  Mom asked me several times to measure them for her and I completely dropped the ball.   She called me one morning while I was out grocery shopping again asking for the measurements.  
I said: “They must be about 12″x12″.  Yes, I am sure that is the size of them. Go for it!”
She went for it.  BUT my pillow forms were NOT 12″x12″ they were more like 21″x21″.
Major OOOOPS!  


Aren’t they DARLING!!  
(Since I did not have 12″ pillow forms, I got a new set for my birthday!)

So the moral of the story is:
When your mom wants to make something special for you,
make sure you measure twice and call her once!!

Here is my quilt in the living room and the
12″ pillow next to a “normal” sized pillow.

Have you ever undersized or oversized a project?
What was the outcome.  Share in the comments or on our Facebook Page!!


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