Wednesday:The Wesley Block WEEK 11

The Wesley Wavy Wheels

What a creative adventure this “wesley block” has become.  It seems that the design for the rotation, arrangement, reversing, and slicing of this block are endless.  Then if you add different colorways, the variety continues.  Who knew that simplicity could be such fun!

When my children were little I loved decorating for the different holidays so they grew up with a monthly ritual of changing wall hangings, figurine displays, table mats, place mats, table cloths, quilts, etc.  Just about anything that could be changed, I changed.  While I don’t have as many people around to enjoy the changing of the colors, it has been soul-satisfying to watch my girls as they have continued this tradition within their own families.

Table mat size
48″ x 48″

In decorating with red, white, and blue I have always felt that I am supporting the greatness of our country so when designing another “Wesley Block” rotation I knew that one design should be in those colors.  I also wanted to incorporate a zigzag look used in a different way.  All the blocks are sewn the same direction and only the large blocks are rotated.  The small blocks are sewn together to create the pinwheel.  Then by alternating a large block with a small one, it creates a patriotic illusion of the stars floating on the stripes!


From one of our favorite fabric houses, Art Gallery Fabrics,  comes this new gorgeous blue fabric.  Named Indigo Sparkles, it is part of the Essentials Collection by Pat Bravo.  I really like the way this fabric shines with the different colors of sparkles.  It pairs beautifully with the starry red and cream cotton fabrics that were part of my “stash.”

I can’t wait to finish this quilt so that my table can sport a new creation celebrating the 4th of July.

Happy sewing!


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