You want me to clean WHAT????

When StashMomma and LovinglyLexi were standing in the line as They passed out the housecleaning gene, I wasn’t paying attention.  I was probably reading Divergent for the third time.  Or watching The BlackList on HeavenlyTV.  Or playing Bejeweled.  Maybe I was quilting a cloud quilt- I’m not sure.

I do know this:


And this:


I like to pretend that I have a magical house elf that does all of my housework.  She’s pretty lazy as imaginary elves go.  My husband mentioned once that the house could use a good cleaning.  I informed him that the house elf was on strike until she got a raise in salary.  My sweet husband immediately agreed to double her salary… I quickly pointed out that double of zero is still zero.  (See!  I did pay attention in math class!)  That was several years ago.  As far as I know, the house elf is still on strike…


I like this one, too, except I’d have to first rescue my sewing machines and all of the quilts and fabric and notions, and tools, and…wait.  That involves finding them all and that involves housework…

Never mind.


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