Wednesday:The Wesley Block WEEK 9

The Wesley Woven Ribbon Quilt

Wonderful Wednesday is here again!  I have had sooo much fun with this one block. Rotating and shifting and just plain old playing.  This week I chose a really classic color scheme. Teal and Khaki is one of my favorite color combos.  My pinterest obsession started with this awesome outfit from



I used this as my jumping off point for inspiration.  I was looking to create a simple and modern quilt, but I wanted to allow you (the true artist) to flourish from there and make it as simple or as complicated as you like.


I love how clean & simple this looks.To create your Wesley Woven Ribbon Quilt you sew 42 blocks in the size of your choice (and with the method of your choice as well) Then you will sew 6 half blocks (the teal & khacki bottom half).  With simple rotation and staggering, you will create this gorgeous quilt.


Is this design too simple for you?  Not enough detail or “fussy” work?  Do you have an embroidery machine that you are dying to pull out and play with?  Or do you enjoy detail appliqué work?  What if you added a design to your “ribbons”?




The Wesley Woven Ribbons

Would you create this quilt?  Would you leave it simple and modern or would you add a splash of flair?


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