Jack of all Genres

Hi, My name is Lovingly Lexi and I am an addict.  
I am addicted to everything that would fall under the header of Crafting.  
I love scrapbooking!
I love sewing! (on my terms though)
I love crocheting!
I love painting! (including and not limited to walls & trim) 
I love knitting!
I love quilting!
I just plumb LOVE creating!! Here lies the problem:
I am a wife.
I am a mother of three teenagers.
We live in a house. (that needs cleaning)
We like to eat food. (that needs preparing)
We like to wear clothes. (that require washing, folding & ironing.) 
I have a part time job outside of the house. (outside of StashLadies also) 
I ONLY have 24 hours in 1 day. (and I require at least 6.5 hours of sleep to be a functioning human)

Do you suffer from a similar predicament?

Here are a couple of things I have found to “ease” the withdrawal symptoms:  

~Schedule in my creative time around family activities, car pool & work~
Here is a sample of my calendar.  If I have it scheduled then I feel like nothing is being left out.  I save “handwork” like crocheting, knitting & hand quilting for evenings when the family is sitting down to watch TV.  I also have my family help with most of the household chores like laundry, cleaning, dinner prep/clean up, etc.  And I don’t typically plan anything for Sat/Sun (unless I am going to crop with my girlfriends) so that I can go with the flow.  

~Give myself permission to stay in my pajamas and create once every couple of months.~

{click here for image source}

~Put Together a “Project Jar”~
Write down all of your pending projects & when you have time you draw one slip from the jar to help guide you to what project to work on next.  This idea can be particularly helpful if you are feeling in a creative slump and need a little push over the hump.  😉   (And clearly you don’t have to use a Jar.  A bowl, an envelope or even just a list on a piece of paper numbered and toss a dice to pick which one.

~Schedule A Change of Scenery~
Whether it be your local scrapbook store, quilt shop or community room with several friends (or alone is cool too!), getting out of the house is helpful to focus on one thing.  The saying “Out of sight, Out of mind” is very helpful to buckle down and get a project finished.  When you are out of the house you aren’t interrupted by hungry teenage boys, beeping laundry machines, dirty sinks or salesmen ringing your doorbell.
I also find that I am so refreshed to create in a “different’ space.  I take in the projects on the wall, colors on the sales floor, projects my friends are working on and I find brand new inspiration.

~Give Yourself A Break~
No matter what your place is in life: mother to teenagers, emptynester, caring for an aging parent, business person that works a lot of hours each week, or college student on a budget,
GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!  We are all ONLY human and there are ONLY 24 hours in one day.  I remember being a young mother with 3 kids in diapers, thinking that we would never make it until all our kids could toilet on their own and wondering when I would EVER get to my beloved scrapbooking. Now as a mother to Teenagers, I have to gently remind myself that I will miss making 3 runs to 3 different schools in the space of 3 hours.   And soon I will have “too much” time to spend in my studio.

What are your favorite ways to sneak in creative time?  
Comment below or on our facebook page!!



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