Wednesday: The Wesley Block WEEK 7

The Wesley Block: Quilted Harmonies’ Way: Wesley Chutes & Ladders

We have had such fun designing and figuring out all we can do with the Wesley Block!  Amazingly, I’ll come up with a new pattern, and will send it off to StashMomma and LovinglyLexi to make sure we haven’t duplicated efforts, and so far, we have each come up with LOTS of SOMETHINGS that none of the others have thought of!

I have chosen to keep things simple, and so wanted to do something in which I only used THREE fabrics.  

The exciting thing for me this week was putting my design in a cute collection from Riley Blake called Remember that I’ve been working with for another “Coming Soon!” pattern.


I love how you can make the lines in the back appear to move under everything else! Quilts with movement in them always make me happy, and this is no exception.  All you need to do is rotate the blocks around to find the pattern you are looking for.


This is EXACTLY the same layout with EXACTLY the same 3 fabrics, except I changed where I chose to put the color on the block. Doesn’t it make a HUGE difference in design?  It just makes my head spin!!!

IMG_1242 IMG_1243

I prefer the first layout with just a hint of gold.  Which do you prefer?



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