Product Review: TrueGrips

Almost 19 years ago *gasp* I graduated from High School.  In light of the fact that I was planning a wedding for 3 months later, my graduation “party” consisted of Sunday afternoon dinner with my fiance and my parents.  (Which turned into my mom and I eating and my dad and fiance fixing a plumbing emergency in the kitchen.) My graduation present consisted of sewing/quilting supplies.  I STILL have most or all of those tools my mom picked out for me to send me off into the world appropriately prepared.  I have the yellow rotary cutter, the big 36″x36″ cutting matt and my long 24″ ruler.  These are my staple supplies in all things home decor, quilting and crafting.


Recently I purchased a product called “TrueGrips” (by The Grace Company).
These little babies are Ah-Maz-Ing!!  They are Non-Slip adhesive rings that you apply directly to the back of any ruler.   They look like tiny clear hole reinforcers. One of the clever attributes is that they are clear so you can still see your fabric thru both the “TrueGrips” and also thru your ruler.  My experience with my long 24″ ruler is that it will shift towards the end of my cut.  Since adding the “TrueGrips” to the back it has completely alleviated that problem.  I line up my ruler and cut with no worries of that slight mis-cut towards the end of my fabric. 

Here is a what they look like on my “ancient” ruler:  
On my 24″ span I have 3 on each side.  One at the beginning, one at 12″ and one at the end for a total of 6 grips.
Check them out: The Grace Company 

StashLadies approved!!


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