Machine Embroidery

I enjoy looking for new ideas and ways to use up the ever-growing pile of scraps leftover from various projects.  At my stage in life I am always thinking about ways to put my scraps to good use.  I don’t normally buy books or patterns, but when I found the book, All for Me Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop, by Shelly Smola, I fell in love with all the projects.  I especially enjoyed the apron that the Shelly had made.

ApronsSo I bought the book and got busy!  After a few false starts (Oh my!  Throw that piece away!) I got the hang of the various steps and together with my very trust-worthy embroidery machine, created some beautiful aprons.  And all from leftover scrap fabric!

Her projects are not only perfect for using up stash fabric and leftover scraps but also great for honing machine applique embroidery skills.  My skills still need a lot of refining, but these projects have given me a great deal of confidence and more importantly, I’ve had so much fun.

Now I need to make the time to apply these new skills I’m mastering to create more beautiful items based on the techniques l have learned from Shelly’s book!

What are your favorite machine applique patterns?


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