Wednesday: The Wesley Block WEEK 4

Pinwheel Flowers

When StashMomma asked us each to come up with a way to use the Wesley block, we were excited to realize how many ideas each of us had.  Even more surprising was that when we put the block together, we all did it in an entirely different way without having talked about it first.  Just one more example of how one idea can be put into use in a variety of ways!

The first quilt design I am highlighting today is called “Pinwheel Flowers.”  As the design took shape for me, I loved how it appeared to be bright, happy flowers floating on the breeze.  The butterflies were my own little touch of whimsy.  I have seen the Chenille It!  Blooming Bias TM in several shows and have wanted to try it out.  This was the perfect time to do so.  I love how the fuzzy warmth of the butterfly wings contrasts with the clean lines of the flowers!


Because of how the design is laid out, this would be a perfect one day mystery quilt class! And especially good to teach and sell the Blooming Bias TM to customers!




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