My Favorite Things: the Stella Lamp

As you may be aware, the StashLadies live in different states… I (Quilted Harmonies) live in Sunny California.  It is expensive to live here.  There is smog and terrible traffic, fires, and then subsequent mud slides…  But then, there is the weather… oh, the weather!  I love that the majority of my days are sunny and bright.  The (potentially) three weeks of “winter” rain is bearable because I know, like Annie, that “the sun will come out tomorrow!”

What does that have to do with lighting, you ask?  Good question!  Even though I live in a very sunny place, I am still highly affected by grey, gloomy weather.  I guess even though I would love to live in Alaska someday, it’s probably not a great idea.  I am not officially diagnosed with SAD, but it doesn’t take a diagnosis to realize that my moods depend in large degree on the barometer and cloudiness of the day.  Because of this, I have been interested in getting a flourescent light for a long time.  There is a well-known company out there that sells those type of lights, and markets them to crafters.  I bought one of those “Lights Who Shall Not Be Named” with some birthday money about 2 years ago.  I quickly realized that I had to use it in VERY small doses.  The light was so bright it hurt my eyes, and I couldn’t get the light shining in the right place to be used effectively. To be honest, I was disappointed.  I had hoped to counteract the poor lighting in my sewing room, and solve my mood issues at the same time.  Needless to say, I didn’t use that light very much, and only ever pull it out now when I need lighting for photos.

In January I attended the Road to California quilt show with my VBQF (Very Best Quilt Friend).  We passed the booth for Stella lights, and she pointed them out excitedly saying she’d just bought one for herself and loved it.  (As a side note, it’s great having a VBQF living close because it means we can try out products the each other has before buying to see if we like them. I highly recommend getting your own VBQF!)  She let me test her Stella lamp, and I instantly fell in love.

The most important feature for me is that there are five levels of brightness you can choose from- this is important to me for reasons I explained above- I need the fluorescence, without the major instant headache.  The second feature I love is that there are three MODES, or spectrums of lighting– warm, natural, and “moon” or cool lighting, which is perfect for night-time sewing.  (As a side note, it’s great to have three different styles of lighting to check how well my fabrics match in each mode.)

The neck is flexible, and I have twisted it in many ways, but when I am working on tricky machine embroidery, it is perfect because i can bend it down and shine it exactly where it helps me to see what I am doing best, without getting it tangled up with my fingers.  LOVE THAT!!

I also found out when my light came that I won’t have to change light bulbs…ever!  Sweet!!  That was the first question my husband asked- “how much to replace the bulbs?”  Nothing!  There are no bulb replacements!  According to the product insert, if I used my light for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, “the Stella light will still produce 70% of its original light output after 11 years!”

How important is your lighting to your sewing or craft work?



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