Wednesday:The Wesley Block WEEK 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Wednesday Wesley Block!  This week we are going to sew the wesley block in my new favorite way: Paper Piecing.  I was thrilled to discover this not-sew-new technique.  As my first love is scrapbooking imagine how thrilled I was to discover you can sew on paper AND fabric at the same time.  I think I giggled like a school girl throughout my ENTIRE first block.  I find that this technique is great for both precision and for a simple warm up into paper piecing.

Step 1: Print block (I used plain copy paper)

Step 2: Pre-sew the paper with an un-threaded sewing machine needle.  It is only necessary to sew on the two seams.  (The outer lines of the block will be trimmed at the end)

Step 3: The first seam to be sewn is the short triangle on the right side of the block.
Stack your fabric Right Sides Together.
The fabric that you want for the small triangle should be on top of your “stack” with the wrong side to the BACK of the paper. (Part of the beauty of pre-sewing your paper is that it folds easily so you can check to make sure you have a 1/4″ seam allowance above the seam line.

Step 4: Open the paper back up and sew on the seam line. (If you want you can either put a few pins in to hold your fabric to your paper or you can use a fabric glue stick to help hold the fabric in place.  I am a rebel and hate extra steps so I just held it in place & check it every inch or so.)
Step 5: Press the seams open.  (The back after sewing and pressing it open.)

Step 6: Fold the paper along the long diagonal line. Then trim to a 1/4″ seam allowance past the paper line.


Step 7: Stack your large fabric piece with Right Sides together with RS of fabric already sewn onto paper.

Here is your stack, RS Together (paper is on the “top”)

This is the “stack” that is loaded into my sewing machine. I folded the paper back to show you the seam allowance underneath the paper.   Unfold the paper and sew the long triangle line.

Here is a view of the stack as I am sewing it. Towards the end of sewing. (You can really see the pre-punched paper & the seam allowance.
And here is the “back” of the block when it come out of the sewing machine.

And the front before trimming.

Step 8: With a ruler & trimmer, trim block down following the outer line of paper piece.


Step 9: Now that your block is trimmed to a perfect square, tear off the paper block.  This is really easy if you pre-sew your paper.

Step 10: Sit back! Enjoy your beautiful block.

Block is sewn using Art Gallery Fabric

Thank you for sewing along!!
Click here for a Printable Version of the Wednesday:Wesley Block Lovingly Lexi’s Way


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