Product Review: Q-Snap Frames

Welcome to another week of My favorite Products.

This week we are featuring the Q-Snap Needlework Frame (17″x17″)

My mother-in-law who is an amazing artist and talented quilter first told me about these last year on a visit to our home.  She brought some hand work with her to work on and told me she was looking for this special frame called a QSnap. She described them perfectly: a small little plastic tube that snaps together (very simply I might add) and then you have this C shaped piece (ribbed on the back side) that snaps over the tube locking your fabric down without stretching or pulling it.


The best part is you can “roll” the C shaped piece to tighten or loosen the tension on your fabric.  I was so excited to get my own set that I could try out with my hand quilting.  I ordered the 17″x 17″ version because i wanted to be able to have a nice big square area to work on.  But these babies come in a variety of sizes: from 6″x6″ to 17″x17″, 11″x17″ to floor models.  There are also expansion kits so you can increase any of the sizes as you see fit. And the best part?  You can snap it apart at any time and it fits nicely into a small space.  

(a peek at my current project ready for prime time multitasking, Don’t worry, I’ll write more about this later.)

So check out QSnap Frames. 100% Made in USA (who doesn’t ❤ that) Easy peasy to use. And totally space saving when they are not in use.


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