Product Review: The Puts-It

 My favorite tool this week

Have you ever wished you had a third hand while sewing?  Have you ever needed to hold something right by the needle and accidently sewn your finger? I have sewn my finger twice in my sewing lifetime.  The first time I was a teen and was probably sewing an outfit for one of my sisters.  I remember that it hurt like the dickens and vowed that I would be more careful in the future.  Well, fast forward about 20 years and guess what, I did it again.  This time I started searching for a tool that would replace my fingers near the needle and I found one that works!


This handy tool is called The Puts-it™ and I love it.  Not only does it save my fingers from unnecessary needle punctures but it also works to ease in fabric as you are sewing a seam.  There are other uses so check out the website, to read all about this handy tool.


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