Wednesday: The Wesley Block

Wednesday: The Wesley Block
Welcome to our new blog series.  This block is going to be presented to you in our signature
StashLadies style: 1 block: 3 ways.  Each week (for quite a while as you will see) we will feature a different technique for both sewing the block together (3 different easy to follow ways) and for assembling the blocks to create new & different quilt pattern combinations.  Bookmark us so you don’t miss out on this fun new series.
And without further adieu:
Sewing THE WESLEY BLOCK Quilted Harmonies’ Way: 

Step 1:  Cut a 6-1/2” square diagonally in half. 
Step 2:  Cut a 3-3/4” square diagonally in half.
Step 3:  From one large triangle, cut 3-1/4” from the tip.
Step 4:  Sew a small triangle to the larger piece you just cut.
Step 5:  Press the seam open.
Step 6:  Trim the new triangle.  
Step 7:  Sew the remaining large triangle to the pieced triangle you just trimmed.
Step 8:  Press the seam open.

And there you have it.  Quilted Harmonies’ Way of sewing together The Wesley Block.Stay Tuned: Up next Sew THE WESLEY BLOCK StashMomma’s Way!

Click here for a free printable version of this tutorial: Sew THE WESLEY BLOCK Quilted Harmonies’ Way


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