Product Review: The Roxette Thimble

RXET5 lg (JPG)

I’m not a thimble girl.  In fact, I’m not an “anything on my hands” kind of girl.  Gardening?  Nope.  Would rather have green stains, dirt under my nails, and fingers full of prickles.  Dishes?  Ugh.  Would rather have pruny fingers than put on sweat-inducing, moist-making, confining rubber gloves.  I like to “feel.”  Isn’t that what hands are for, anyway?

So, all these years of hand appliqué, embroidery and hand binding quilts have been thimble-less.


I didn’t know what I was missing…


At Market in Houston in October, we stopped by the Roxanne booth.  (Side story:  Mom was wondering how it was her name, Roxanne, was trademarked…)  While Mom talked with one rep, I was perusing the thimble table, curious to see the brightly colored thimbles.  When I realized they were marked with S, M, and L, I picked one up to start playing.  Another helpful rep came up and asked if I had ever been sized for a thimble.  Uhhhh… really?  You have to be sized?  I thought they were one-size-fit-everyone-but-me.  She explained that the new Roxette is the company’s way of introducing thimbles to customers so they can see how they work for each person investing in one of their “sized” thimbles- for more money than I ever thought a thimble that wasn’t 1,000 years old would be worth!  I picked one out that fit my third finger, (it’s not supposed to be on your thumb?!?) and took it home.


Today was test day.  I went to my quilt group this morning with handwork to do instead of the block everyone else was working on (I am so far behind the rest of my group I’m ahead of the next group!).  I almost forgot to pull out my thimble, but my Very Best Quilt Friend and the group teacher asked about Market, so I got the Roxette out to show and use.






No pin pricks, no sweaty finger.  It fit well and stayed where it was supposed to, even as I was up and moving around.  I’ll probably have to invest in a few more (like reading glasses- one for every room!)… and maybe one for VBQF so she’s not jealous anymore!


I am Quilted Harmonies and I am a thimble convert.


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