Fleece Pillow Case


During the holidays I was giving a really quick tutorial to a friend of my daughter’s who wanted to make pillowcases for charity.  As we were talking, she mentioned that when her son was undergoing chemo for cancer that he, with his hairless head, said that pillowcases felt cold to him and all he wanted was something soft and warm to lay his head on.  She asked if fleece could be used to make pillowcases.  Why not?  I have included a picture of the fleece pillowcases I made in response to her question.  What a great way to use up that fleece stash that has been accumulating!

The downloadable pillowcase pattern is for a “traditional” pillowcase made from cotton but is easily adaptable to fleece.  Fleece is wider than cotton so trim the fleece to approximately 44″ wide.  I would not use a trim with fleece because of the bulk so just skip over that part of the pattern.

Happy sewing!!
Click here for pillowcase pattern



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