Bat Buster Quilt


I love the New Year!  Why?  Because I feel like I have a chance to start over, refresh my ideas and clear and clean out clutter!!  Rather than “spring clean” in the Spring the way I was taught as a young person, I “spring clean” in January as I’m putting the house back in order after taking down holiday decorations.

My sewing studio is also included on the list of rooms to clean clutter and organize as I like to keep every little scrap leftover from my projects just in case I can use them in another project.   Leftover quilt battings from all the gorgeous quilts that were completed last year complete my set of scraps.

I like projects that are quick, easy, and cost as little as possible.  Enter the “Bat Buster Quilt” made by cutting strips, sewing them together and adding a binding.  How easy and quick is that?  It is reversible with no quilting involved yet the finished product is as warm and cozy as any quilt you would ever make AND the pile of batting scraps gets smaller with each quilt you make.

This quilt is great for that last minute gift or for charity.  Download it for free and get started decluttering by using up those strips of quilt batting that are just too good to put in the trash bin.

Happy sewing!

Click here for “Bat Buster Quilt”


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