Whoo Whoo Whoo Merry Christmas Part 1


StashLadies would like to present our 1st installment of 1 idea: 3 twists When I set out to draw the design for this little guy, I figured he would be easy to do. How hard is it to draw an owl, after all? I looked at several examples that I liked, and then set about combining different elements to make him my own. 6 sketch book pages, the peanut gallery asking if he was a penguin or a puppy, and a few days later, I finally had him down. (A puppy? Really??- and that from Dear Husband, not the kiddo!)

Easy Appliquéd Christmas Ornament

(directions from Quilted Harmonies)

1. Trace each pattern piece onto your favorite fusible webbing paper.

2. Cut out the traced pattern from the fusible paper, leaving ¼” extra around all sides.

3. Fuse each piece of webbing to the desired fabric by pressing it firmly with an iron. (Please check the package directions of your chosen fusible for temperature and amount of time)

4. Cut along the traced lines of the pattern. You should now have a pattern piece with fabric on one side and paper on the other.

5. Remove the paper from the appliqué.

6. Using an appliqué press sheet (such as The Goddess sheet), place the appliqué pieces face up on the press sheet in their permanent location. Fuse the appliqué pieces together. You should have a darling little owl with fabric on one side, and shiny fusible on the other side.

7. Cut two pieces of background fabric in a square/rectangle shape just bigger than your owl.

8. Place the owl fabric side up on one of the background pieces. Fuse in place.

9. Sandwich your tiny quilt by laying down background fabric right side down, then a matching sized piece of batting, and finishing with the owl right side up. Pin together.

10. Cut a length of ric-rac or other cute ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half. Place the ends between the owl and the batting. Put it low enough in that the stitching will hold it in place. Pin.

11. Sew just around the inner border of the design taking care to outline all of the parts of the owl.

12. Cut out the owl around the outside of the design, making sure you hold the ribbon out of the way so it doesn’t get cut. Voila!


Click Here for Printable Appliquéd Directions
CLick Here for Whoo Whoo Merry Christmas Part 2
Click Here for Whoo Whoo Merry Christmas Part 3


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