Alexia Ruffled Quilt Collection


Hey There!  LovinglyLexi here.

I wanted to tell you about this beautiful quilt and where it all started.  I am naturally a scrapbooker.  I don’t really consider myself a seamstress. Sometimes it is more of a chore than fun. However, I LOVE a good quilt (I just haven’t always LOVED making them). So StashMomma and I worked out an agreement that she would make a quilt for me if I would make a scrapbook for her.  She and StashPappa have travelled all over the world so I knew that this agreement could really be a long term thing.  She sent me to several fabric websites so I could peruse the choices.  (Holy cow folks! There are a LOT of fabric choices out there on the good old www.) I must have been dreaming of fabric all night long and I dreamt of a extremely ruffled quilt.  When I woke up I brushed it aside and went about my day.  Then next night I had the same dream of the ruffled quilt. After the 3rd night dreaming about this same ruffled quilt, I decided that I would call up StashMomma and see what it would take to make it OR If such a thing were even possible.  After several pencil sketches, a few more hours perusing the internet and a trip across windy Wyoming to visit her studio:  The Alexia Ruffled Quilt was born.

(Let me tell you this quilt is warm and scrumptious to sleep under.)

We are proud to offer this quilt in several sizes to meet your specific needs.

Check out our Products page for purchasing information.


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