Hello Ya’ll! I’m LovingLexi

Hello to all my newest FAVORITE people! I am Lovingly Lexi.  I was lucky enough to be born into an extremely creative family.  My mom had us learning how to sew before we could probably write.  You might remember those cardboard things that you would “sew” with a shoe string.  And I know that I was constantly begging my mom to sew new and better barbie clothes for me.  As I grew up I became more enthralled with paper, glue and scissors.  I started scrapbooking my elementary and high school memories BEFORE it was called scrapbooking.  With black cardstock and photo corners by the gadjillion (yes that is a word) my awards, program leaflets and photos were safely preserved.

As I moved into my adult life and started my own family the creativity never went away.  I used my home ec model sewing machine to make curtains and sofa covers for our college apartment (although finding fabric that matched avocado green and 1970′s gold was a bit challenging), sewing stockings for our first christmas and baby blankets for my friends and neighbors. My creativity in scrapbooking never disappeared either but I discovered that it is almost easier to “sew” on paper as it is to sew on fabric.  This became and still is, my first love.  There is something special to me about preserving all the little moments that life has offered me.

So here today you can find me dreaming up a quilt pattern, painting on canvas, filling scrapbooks with cherished memories, and living my dream of being a wife, to my darling husband of 18 years, and a mother to my 3 charming, lovable ever supportive children.  I can’t wait to share this adventure with you and help you bust your “stash” in the most creative way that you can!

Live in the moment so your dreams can become a reality!


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