Hello World I Am StashMomma

I am a mother of 4 beautiful, incredibly gifted people, grandmother of 11 equally beautiful and talented young people, and married for 40 years to an incredible man who can do anything! I have always loved fabric, fashion, and creating one-of-a kind articles.  During my teen years, I was the family seamstress, sewing outfits for my mother and two older sisters.  Through the years I have sewn all sizes of clothing, home décor, dance costumes, pageant dresses, and of course, Halloween costumes.  Not to leave the men in my life out, I not only sewed them Sunday suits but also leisure suits!  I’ve sewn so many bags through the years that my girls call me “the bag lady.”  But, patchwork for quilts has always resonated with me, maybe because the process is so fulfilling.  I love the creative process of taking a length of yardage, cutting it into pieces, and then putting all the pieces back together in spectacular ways.  I have had a “fabric stash” since I began sewing at the age of 8 and this stash has continued with me through all the stages of my life. My husband has spent many hours building shelves to house the fabric stash that has accompanied us throughout our numerous moves, both continental and world wide,  and different houses.  My security blanket is knowing that I have a stash of fabric that can be used, if necessary, to create something beautiful and useful.

I would like my legacy to be that

I instilled in my posterity a love of creating something original

that speaks from the heart!


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